Quick Start Tiny Home Shells

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The Prima

The Luminosa

The Vista

The Liscia

Our Shells are finished to a fully complete waterproof exterior, Including:

  • Custom Tiny House Trailer rated for the build
  • Full Structure complete with bolts, and structural connections
  • Plywood Sheathing
  • Fully rainscreened
  • Finished Siding and Painted Trims
  • Windows and door installed
  • Standing seam metal roofing installed
  • Subfloor installed and Insulated

Our builds are inspected by NOAH inspections 3rd party.

Custom Shells

If you already have a design in mind, select our custom option below

How It works

  • Make your selections in the quick start form below. Choose a size that you have in mind, And indicate any special modifications that you would need for your build.
  • We send you a quote based on your selections, and give you a time estimate.
  • If you decide you want to move ahead with the shell, we take a deposit and book you int0 a build slot.
  • If you would like to have a full interior layout designed by us, we can create this for you based on what exactly you will need in the tiny home. You can see what an example finished design can look like below, often helpful in making sure your build goes smoothly, avoiding costly mistakes. If you are interested in this option, hit the checkbox in the form below.
  • Before we can order trailer and materials, we would require a deposit on the tiny home shell.
  • After Trailer is made and arrives to our Workshop the build begins. Depending on size, Level and complexity of build, your shell could be ready in 3-6 weeks after the trailer arrives to us.

Fill in our Tiny House Shell Cost Estimator below for a quick quote

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