Trailers Designed for Tiny Homes

Built by Iron Eagle Trailers, This Tiny Home trailer is designed specifically to make it easy to start your build, and connecting the trailer to the framing is very intuitive.

Tiny house Trailer

The trailers are built by an experienced trailer manufacturer and have been designed specifically for building a tiny home on. They are engineered to comfortably handle the weight of a tiny home, and axles, wheels and suspension are sized appropriately for tiny home weight. All lights, reflectors and Electric brakes included.

If you are not sure what weight capacity you need for your trailer, we can definitely help!

Liscia Tiny House Shell
Example Tiny Home Built on Iron Eagle Trailer


The tiny house trailers are set up to be quick and simple to attach framing to, with predrilled holes for connecting easily. They are lightweight compared to most tiny house trailers, using less steel in the design and still maximizing strength. The trailers also have some nice add on features that help make your build much easier, these include Levelling Jacks, Galvanized bottom pan, Front Bump out, and welded fender flashing.

Trailers are also available in varying widths, to suit how you choose to build your home, rainscreen or no rainscreen etc. We can help with choosing the right width for your build.

You will receive your tiny house trailer, with all custom fees and duty paid,  fully inspected, and registered for use in Canada. All you have to do is get it insured, (or just a day permit from ICBC)  and pick it up from our workshop in Burnaby, or have us deliver it if you prefer.

We are available to help you get going on the build, just shoot us a question by phone or email, we are more than happy to advise. We build our tiny homes on these trailers, so we know the best ways to build on them! Just ask.

Fill in our form below to get a trailer quote. Or if you would like to import it yourself, ask us for our Guide to Importing a Trailer into British Columbia PDF. It’s free. 

    16' Double Axle Trailer 10000lb Capacity18' Double Axle Trailer 10000lb Capacity20' Double Axle Trailer 10000lb Capacity22' Double Axle Trailer 14000lb Capacity24' Double Axle Trailer 14000lb Capacity26' Double Axle Trailer 14000lb Capacity28' Triple Axle Trailer 20000lb Capacity30' Triple Axle Trailer 20000lb Capacity

    Levelling JacksGalvanized Bottom PanFront Bump Out OptionFender FlashingsSquare Fenders