Quick Start Tiny Home Shells

Having a Tiny House Shell built for you is a great way to speed up the build process while still being able to put your own sweat equity into your home. It gives you confidence that the most important parts of the build are done professionally and will stand the test of time. It can be important when thinking about resale in the future and an excellent way to keep the home safe and dry instead of battling that yourself as you build it.

Some Advantages of Starting with a Shell:

  • It’s Much Faster – A common thing that first time builders do, is underestimate just how long it can take to build a tiny home, when doing it for the first time. Your motivation may be tested along the way, and starting with a shell gives you a major headstart in getting to the finish line earlier.
  • It’s Built Professionally – The foundation, structure and envelope, are the 3 most important things to be done right in any home. Get peace of mind knowing that these elements are taken care of by a pro.
  • It’s Weatherproof – Save yourself the hassle of battling the weather as you build. Some things cannot be done while raining. And Your Subfloor insulation must be kept dry to avoid moisture getting trapped in your home.
  • It’s Safer – Certain parts require heavy lifting, and working at heights. Not everyone has the luxury of a controlled workshop with even ground, and scaffolding. Making sure things are done safely is  important
  • Less Surprise costs – Some things can catch you by surprise as you go through the build, endless tools, ladders, scaffold, equipment etc. Its easy to miscalculate just what it will cost to build once all time is factored in. A shell lets you control these costs better. Working with us can also help you avoid costly mistakes along the way.
Tiny home shell Interior

Our Tiny House Shells are normally finished to a fully complete waterproof exterior, Including:

  • Custom Tiny House Trailer rated for the build
  • Full Structure complete with bolts, and structural connections
  • Plywood Sheathing
  • Fully rainscreened
  • Finished Siding and Painted Trims
  • Windows and door installed
  • Standing seam metal roofing installed
  • Subfloor installed and Insulated

Where to start with your tiny house shell?

Do you have your own design in mind? 
If you have your own design, then let us know so we can discuss it.  Drawings and notes are important to have ready for us.

Do you have one of our designs in mind for your shell? 

This is your most cost effective starting point if what you are looking for coincides with our layouts and designs. Let us know which designs you are looking at and if you would require any custom tweaks to the designs.

What level of shell are you looking for?

Many people are more comfortable receiving a finished exterior fully waterproof so they can have confidence that the bones of their home are solid, and they don’t have to worry about battling the elements as they build. However, you can choose the extent to which you would like the shell to be complete, if you are more comfortable.

Start your tiny house shell conversation with us