We have 3 Design options available for your tiny home:
  1. Framing and Structure Design
  2. Layout Design
  3. Comprehensive Tiny Home Design Package

Comprehensive Design Package:For the person who wants to get a running start on their build.

Our comprehensive package is aimed at the meticulous planner, who wants a clear, easy to follow series of  easy to follow drawings designed to help you build you your ideal finished tiny home.

Render example of outside
Clear dimensions to help you succeed in your build
Plan your dream tiny home perfectly before trying to build it
Interior render
Attention to detail
Luminosa Tiny Home Shell

What we do for you.

Planning your build properly can save you so much in time, money and stress too. Going backwards in a build is a horrible feeling. It only takes a couple of mistakes to justify the cost of our comprehensive tiny house design package.

As a tiny home builder ourselves, we have the experience to make the better design choices. We know what works and what doesn’t.  We know what will take time, what will cost more than you expect. Use our knowledge to your advantage, the savings add up fast.

Get peace of mind that if you follow the drawings carefully, you will have a home built to proper construction standards. This is important if you ever need to sell your tiny home in future.

We are always an email away if you are ever unsure about something, or just want some advice down the line. Please don’t hesitate to ask, there are no silly questions when it comes to your home.

As well as a full construction set, we also provide you with a set of realistic renders so that you can see exactly what your finished tiny home will look like before even spending a cent on materials. Also you will have a interior layout designed to make sure the interior functions efficiently in the tiny house.




Comprehensive Tiny Home Design Package - $1850CAD/$1400USD

Get started.

Fill in the form below and tell us a little about your build. There are no payments or obligations until you feel ready to move ahead with the design.