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Why do we build Tiny Homes?

We count ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to build homes that are worth building.  Building tiny homes gives us the opportunity to get creative, problem solve, and wow people. We do not shy away from the difficult build, we embrace it. We enjoy the fact that tiny homes are not for everybody, but for those that embrace tiny homes, they care so much. Seeing through a challenging build without compromising on your vision is such a rewarding experience for us. We aim to be the builder that people will look to when they have an incredibly ambitious idea, and want to see it created. It gives us great pride to be able to deliver a home that is a little special, unique to that person and a part of their own personality and soul.

How can we achieve this?

Having the right team helps immensely. Experience we have in abundance, High end carpentry, Engineering, Cabinetry, Design, Construction management backgrounds and more. But, more important is actually caring about what we do. Everyone comes to work focused on the direction we are going. Everyone pushes eachother in the never ending pursuit of perfection. We try new things, everyone learns, everyone grows, there is a consistency in finding better ways to do things.

Tiny home spiral staircase

We build our tiny homes with the level of care and attention to detail we would have for our own house. If you ever get the chance to visit our Burnaby workshop and see what we are working on, you will see exactly what we mean.

Our Service

Right from the beginning we focus on providing the best customer experience we possibly can. We work hard to get an understanding of your needs and style. Your tiny home is personal and unique to you, our job is to deliver your tiny house vision to you.

We like to keep you involved in the tiny home build from design to completion. We send regular updates and photos every step of the way so you feel connected to the build and know exactly what stage your tiny home is at. You’re always welcome to come visit the workshop and see it in person at the various stages.

We are always available by phone or email, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are ready to respond long after delivery to make sure everything is good with your tiny house.

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