We have 3 Design options available for your tiny home:
  1. Framing and Structure Design
  2. Layout Design
  3. Comprehensive Tiny Home Design Package

Turning this...

Into this...

Get an overview of the layout
Bathroom layout can be important to get right to avoid mis-steps

Your tiny home should be exactly what you want.

Take advantage of our accurate layout design plans to avoid saying the following:

‘I wish that window was 6 inches to the left’

‘I really thought we could fit a couch here’

‘This door should open the other way’

‘If only we just had went up to the next trailer size’

‘It would be nice if the fridge door opened all the way’


You get the idea. A little bit of guidance from the right people can go a long way.

What We Do For You.

We turn your ideas and concepts into a real visual scale model. We create a 3d Model of the layout, give you as many views as you like so you can see how the interior will function before you start building.

We also create 2d colour plans of elevations and plan view, complete with dimensions where possible.

We come with knowledge of what works and what doesn’t without learning the hard way. We have lots of creative solutions for tricky problems just from our experience alone.

We provide you with a clear goal to hit, a constant reference for the build.

We can modify the design if it requires adjusting to suit your needs.

We can save you money and time by helping you avoid mistakes in the build, help avoid any problems with function, or even safety.

We are on hand for advice and help when you get stuck throughout the build.

Layout Model Design: 400CAD/300USD

Get Started.