We do not currently have any openings, however, if you feel like you would be a perfect fit, send us a message, you never know when something may come up and we like to keep in touch with potentially good people.

Read below to see who we look for.

Attitude is everything, you will be working under the direction of a lead builder/carpenter, the only skill we ask is that you love to learn new things. You welcome challenges, you are a proactive practical person, and you have vision.

Remember we are building real homes for real people, caring about what we do is of the highest importance. This needs to be in our mind every day we come to work.

Why we do this? The long term goal of the company is to create amazing (but tiny) homes for people, we believe that your home should be something you love, that you are proud to show off to your friends, with it’s own character. The core company beliefs are:
1. Do The Right Thing
2. Try Something New
3. Improve On It Next Time

These 3 core beliefs (in this order of importance) are what the company revolves around, we are looking for people that these beliefs resonate with.

For the right fit, this is a nice opportunity for someone to really feel like they are making something real. We welcome new ideas, you will have the opportunity to be creative and put your own mark on what you do.