Freestyle Themes And Designs

We have a few common design themes that run through our models. The appearance of natural wood elements evokes a warmth and rustic character associated with West Coast cabins, You’ll see lots of Western Red Cedar in our work, Exposed beams, often along with subtle hints of Maple, Oak and Walnut to provide an eye catching contrast, yet maintain the authentic, natural feel.

In harmony with the West Coast style, we make use of Scandinavian design themes, which embrace minimalist, uncluttered spaces. Clean lines and light colours help to maximize the feel of the space.We use lots of natural light to open up the space. We are big on beauty, simplicity and functionality in all of our tiny home designs. The whole point is minimalism, not to cram as much as possible into the space.

We think carefully about how the tiny home looks, both inside and out, in our designs.  We strive to create a tiny home that you are proud to show off to your friends, and really showcase what it can offer to those who are skeptics.

If you think that Freestyle spaces offers a good fit for the type of builder you are looking for, have a look a the form below to generate an estimate for your expected tiny home build.

We will finalize all designs and cover all the details of the tiny home, before build starts so that there is no delays for the build. Once the build starts we will send you regular updates and photos to let you know exactly how your build is progressing.