Home Energy Upgrades and Retrofits

Your home could be costing you more than you think. And we're talking about much more than money.

The Most Comfortable Home on the Block

Enjoy a more comfortable, quieter, cosy home for relaxing with the family.

Side effects of more comfort may include better mood, higher productivity and general happiness!

Breathe Easy in a Healthier Home

Enjoy cleaner healthier air. Homes with air leaks allow smoke, smog, dust, allergens, irritants, and pollutants to enter the air inside your home.

We should sleep soundly knowing we breathe the freshest, filtered air inside our homes.

Don’t Let Your Money Leak Out of Your Home

Energy costs mean money gone from your pocket, and on top of that with uncertainty around world events, can you predict the energy prices of tomorrow?

Future-proof yourself against energy inflation, and slash your yearly energy bills. Keep more money to spend on enjoying your life.

Play a Part in Saving the Planet

Reducing wasted energy and emissions is a necessity if we want to preserve the planet for future generations. We need forward thinking people to adopt and spread the word of conserving energy.

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    How We Can Upgrade Your Homes Performance?

    These are the main methods to upgrading your homes energy performance. It's important that a contractor knows how to look at all these options together, and how they interact in the House-As-A-System before making recommendations.

    Add Insulation

    Insulation acts like a sweater around your home to keep the heat in, the thicker the sweater, the more effective it is.

    Adding Insulation to your crawl space or attic space can be good ways for a cost effective improvement.

    Increasing the wall insulation thickness is also extremely effective. This usually involves removing and replacing the exterior cladding as part of the install. It’s important to consider your cladding life left, and if you would like to improve the home’s appearance. We can help you weigh up the cost benefits of this option.

    Reducing Air Leaks

    Air leaks are a major source of heat loss in a home, leaks can occur at walls, ceilings and floors, at mechanical penetrations, and at windows and doors.

    As well as heat loss, air leaks cause discomfort by drafts, poor air quality, they also can create moisture and mould inside your wall, among other issues that could reduce the life of the home.

    We use a range of techniques, from caulking, to taping, to gaskets, to speciality air sealing products.

    Upgrading Your Windows and Doors

    Windows and doors are a weak point in your home’s insulation defence. Poorly performing windows and doors can be upgraded to higher performing options.

    Single pane glazing should almost certainly be upgraded if possible, and we can upgrade double glazed to triple glazed for top performance.

    Upgrading Heating and Hot Water Systems

    Upgrading to more efficient mechanical equipment is a way to reduce your energy bills.

    This step should always be considered in partnership with the previous methods. By reducing the energy losses through the building exterior first, this can allow smaller, more affordable mechanical equipment to be used instead.

    We also take into account other factors such as expected life of current equipment when assessing a need for a mechanical upgrade.

    Upgrading Your Ventilation

    Historically homes have been built so air leaky and drafty that there has not been an obvious need for additional ventilation. As we move to a higher performing home that has air leaks, it becomes important to have a ventilation strategy.

    Modern ventilation systems are capable of bringing in fresh, filtered air into your home and removing stale out of your home, while recovering the heat using a HRV system. (Heat recovery ventilation)

    A lack of adequate ventilation in your home can cause problems such as poor air quality, too much humidity and condensation in the home, and the feeling of a stuffy home.

    Adding Renewable Energy Systems

    Adding solar PV (photo-voltaic) panels or a wind turbine are the two main renewable energy sources available to most homeowners locally.

    With solar PV, we must consider factors such as available roof area, orientation of the home, roof angle and other factors.

    A solar setup can be a great way to reduce your dependence on suppliers, and become the driver of your own home energy.

    Wind turbines are less common and are heavily dependent on location and access to wind

    What makes us the contractor of choice for your home energy upgrade?

    1. Experienced. We have built beautiful homes from start to finish, as well as renovations, upgrades, additions, and everything in between. We know how to make a project succeed.
    2. Educated. We have an Energy Advisor on the team, specifically trained in home energy upgrades, as well as a Passive House Designer trained for high performance buildings. We are trained in modelling your home energy, so we can back up any recommendations with hard data. Our site crew is trained and qualified in high performance installs, to meet Passive House standard. We understand how to carry out the most effective solution.
    3. We Listen. There is more to an upgrade than just Gigajoules. We take time to understand your personal situation, your goals, and motivations, so we can tailor our recommendations for your own specific needs. There is no such thing as ‘One size fits all’

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