How long does it take to build a tiny home?

Our Lead time is is around 10 – 12 weeks depending on exact design specifications and custom features.

What kind of site do I need to park my tiny house on?

Reasonably level solid surface such as gravel or a concrete pad is even better.

What onsite services do I need to hookup my tiny home?

This depends on your exact requirements but a flush toilet will typically require a sewer connection to hookup to, You should have a 50amp socket to plug into, and you would need a hose connection (possibly heated depending on climate) with enough pressure to service your tiny home.

Does Freestyle Spaces provide warranty on builds?

Yes, We have a 1 year warranty on the roof, and a 1 year warranty against envelope, structural, electrical and plumbing defects. We also have manufacturers warranties on appliances, typically 1 year.

Are the tiny homes well insulated?

We insulate our tiny homes to a minimum of R22 in Floor and ceiling, and walls a minimum of R14. This is in conjunction with passive house techniques such as using effective air barriers to minimize energy loss.

Do you offer tiny home shell builds?

Yes! We can build tiny home shells to various stages, – dried in, rough in etc.

What are the size limits of a tiny home?

The max width is 8’6″, the max height is 13’6″, length is variable.

What does a tiny home weigh?

Typically between 9000lb to 14000 lb depending on design and materials.

What is the difference between a tiny house and an RV?

RV’s are built with a focus on reducing weight, Tiny houses are built with a focus on quality, liveability, comfort and beauty. Our tiny homes are built to match and exceed regular building standards in terms of energy efficiency and functionality.

Can you deliver the Tiny Home?

Yes! we can arrange delivery of the tiny home to your location. Costs depend on travel distance and location. You are also welcome to collect your tiny home from our workshop.

Do you provide Tiny homes to the US?

Yes! We can build and deliver to our US customers. There is an applicable border documentation fee.

I want to build my own tiny home. Can you offer any tips or design ideas for me to get started?

Absolutely! We love talking tiny home design, we go to bed thinking about it!  We would love to chat about your plans and designs, and if you get stuck at any point during your build just ask us! We love solving problems!