Get a customized 3D Model of your tiny home

Building your own tiny home can be a rewarding yet daunting experience. If you would like some help to get started with your design, get in touch. We offer a custom Tiny Home design service where we take your ideas, concepts, and napkin sketches, and turn them into a full 3d Model for you to examine and modify at your leisure.

It’s not always a good idea to leave aspects of your build to guesswork and hope it all works at the end. You can plan exactly where each component fits, every window size and location, see exactly where the wheel wells will protrude, See how your loft will look, Can you fit a dishwasher? How about a Bath? Can i fit everything in a 24′ or do I need a 26′ Trailer? List goes on! A custom 3d model is quite a useful way to find out.


With a full Framing detail it’s easy to stay on track

We can provide you with a full set of 2d drawings, and a full 3d package, from trailer, Framing, Sheathing, Roof , Windows, to interior Fixtures and finishes, any colours, materials etc.


Detailed Dimensions keep it as easy as possible so you can work fast

A lot of self builders with limited construction experience can make a few mistakes along the way, forget a step and have to undo something (very frustrating). Our Models and drawings should help keep you organized and each task in the build should be clear. There are so many unknowns when you haven’t built a tiny home before, it can be a rewarding experience, but it can certainly be challenging and feel never ending at times.

Consider the time and cost savings of limiting mistakes and improving your efficiency of workflow, less head scratching and more doing. Less wasted materials, better planning in advance to minimize delays. A detailed set of drawings and models are invaluable to an inexperienced builder


How much material will you need? You can simply count


Sample different Colour schemes, material styles and window and door features


Get a full interior layout, so you know exactly how your home will function


Plan your loft perfectly


How It Works

Custom Tiny home 3D Design Package

Firstly, Fill in the form below to get in touch and give us a little info about what you need.

We can then set up a phone call to discuss your tiny home needs and goals, you tell us your preferences and send any styles and specific ideas you would like to see in the model. We would typically then communicate through email to get as close to your vision as possible before starting the model.

We would provide 2 layouts for you you to consider, then you have 5 rounds of changes to the plans if you require them.

We then provide you with a Full Custom 3D Sketchup Model, Floor Plan, Framing Details with Dimensions, Loft Details, Roof Plan, Faces from all sides on the model.


Considering building your own tiny home? Check out Dan Louche’s E-Video Series Below.

Instructions and Tips for various stages of the build, designed for the inexperienced tiny home builder.

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