Backyard Offices And Outbuildings

Our backyard offices and spaces are a great addition to your house whether you work from home or want a creative space.

There are quite a few benefits of having a backyard office instead of a room office in your home.

A physical separation between your home and your business.

It’s a good idea to have a separation between your home life and business life as much as possible. Working from home takes incredible self discipline to focus on your work and not get distracted by being at home. Small distractions can really impact your productivity. The physical separation creates a work time vs home time, this is even better when it is paired with a consistent schedule.

Cost Of Backyard Office Can Be A Business Expense.

If you buy a Freestyle backyard office, you can count it towards your business expenses and reduce the taxes you would otherwise owe. It also makes your home office tax deductions easier to calculate vs having an office in your home.

You Can Make It Personal.

Freestyle Backyard Offices are designed in a way to make it incredibly easy to adapt to your personal preferences and needs. The interior Plywood walls are easy to mount anything on. The individual panels can easily be disconnected from the wall to access the wall cavity.

Can be multi-use.

No longer need as an office? It could be your yoga room, meditation space, gym, workspace, art studio, guitar practice, poker room, video game space, wine making area, beer brewing. List goes on!

No Permit Needed

As long as we keep within the footprint and required setbacks there is no requirement for a permit by the city.

Backyard Office Vancouver

Backyard Office and Storage Shed Vancouver

The backyard office pictured above was built in Vancouver for a husband and wife who wanted to separate their work life from their home life. As they often have to work from home it was important that there was a separation from their work and family time.

The style was based on the design of the main house, using same elements and colours, it added a nice bright touch to a backdrop of the trees.

We were able to prepare much of the build from our workshop and then deliver the pieces to site to be assembled. This greatly reduced the need for our time onsite, less noise on site to bother the neighbours, less dust and mess, less intrusion into our clients personal space. There is also the advantage of not being held hostage by bad weather for parts of the build like painting etc.

Our Service and commitment to quality

Our service is based around 2 key elements, delivering the highest standards in quality possible, and clear communication so you know exactly what is happening without surprises.

We respect your space, and your neighbours. We do what we can to minimize our impact on your lives until the office is complete. We keep your property tidy as possible, and aim to leave it as we found it when we finish the job. We communicate with you to let you know who is showing up to work on your property and when.

Pricing starts at $12489 for a standard 8' x 12' finished unit.


  • 1 Year Warranty on all work
  • Patio Slider
  • Standing seam metal roofing
  • Insulated walls, roof and Floor
  • 3 Walls Metal Siding, 1 Wall Cedar
  • Cedar soffit vented
  • 4 Potlights
  • 4 outlets
  • Interior Clear Finished Birch plywood
  • Vinyl Flooring

Not included:

  • Onsite preparation of ground
  • Trenching or running of Electrical from main home
  • Delivery costs of unit