Do The Right Thing

Try Something New

Improve On It Next Time

These are the 3 core beliefs of the company in order of importance. Everything we work to achieve comes from these 3 beliefs. We only hire employees that these beliefs resonate with. We choose to work with clients that fit our philosophy. We live and breathe these 3 beliefs in everything we do. This is our reason to be excited to go to work every day to do what we do.

Kevin has a substantial construction background, having worked in Construction Management in various sized projects for the last few years. Before this he has a background in high end carpentry projects across the world, including Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. He also is qualified as an Engineer.  Kevin is  passionate about finding ways of living more sustainably, using less and improving quality of life by doing so. The breadth of technical knowledge and experience, mixed with his passion for low footprint living make building Tiny homes a perfect fit.

Freestyle Spaces are dedicated to design and construction of small eco friendly spaces and beautiful homes that compliment nature. We focus on creating the best quality Tiny Homes, and  small spaces aimed at creating a platform for you to take control of your own lifestyle. We are based in Vancouver, BC.