A new wave of modern minimalism has sent many packing from the traditional two-story bungalow to the suave and sleek tiny home. These miniaturized domiciles have all the necessary amenities of large homes at a fraction of the cost, and people are starting to take notice. Thinking about making the change yourself? Take a look at some of these wonderful tiny home communities.

Park Delta Bay – Isleton, CA

A stone’s throw from the bay area, this tiny home community has a novel way of getting around local zoning regulations. The tiny homes here are all mounted on trailers, making them some of the world’s most attractive RVs. Looking to join in the fun? A number of companies specialize in manufacturing these chic campers and have model homes that you can check out.

LuxTiny Community

Many tiny home communities have a strong focus on sustainability, like Arizona’s LuxTiny Community. Overlooking Phoenix from the majestic White Mountains, this community covers only 6 acres in order to minimize its environmental impact. Once finished the community will be focused on communal resources, including solar panels, gardens, and chickens.

Gracious Tiny House Park – Okeechobee, FL

A lot of tiny home communities spring up from former RV sites. This is the case for Gracious Tiny House Park, which was opened for RV’s in the eighties. Afraid downsizing means leaving luxury behind? This community makes it clear that that isn’t the case, with a gorgeous pool and clubhouse along with waterfront sites for many of the tiny homes there.

Acony Bell Tiny Home Village – Mills River, NC

Springing from the humble beginning of a couple of pals who just couldn’t get enough of the outdoors, Acony bell Tiny Home Village offers the best that the Appalachian wilderness has to offer. Beautiful gardens and trails to spend the days on, and roaring bonfires to pass the nights. Sites are available for both long and short term tenants, making this a great way to dip your toes into the tiny home pool.

Escalante Village – Durango, CO

Magnificent views of the Animas River greet the residents of Escalante Village in Colorado every morning. This tiny home community features many of the staples of tiny home villages, community gardens and wonderful views. Tiny home communities aren’t just for those looking to get off the grid, this one is walking distance from many great stores and restaurants. It shows that tiny housers don’t have to give up the amenities that town life has accustomed them too.

Vintage Grace – Yantis, TX

This picturesque community just east of Dallas offers a refreshing taste of the outdoors. Spread out over 25 acres of beautiful forest this community has four serene ponds to help you take it all in.  Not willing to commit to buying? Tiny home sites are available for lease here, so you can get a piece of the action.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect to the outdoors or disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life, tiny homes have a lot to offer. These wonderful communities have really paved the way for those interested in becoming tiny homeowners themselves.