If you love to go camping, hunting, have a multi-acre property with a lot of forest on it, are looking at possibly building a trailer community, or simply have a knack for being off the grid, have you ever thought about purchasing a tiny home – here’s why it’s something to think about.

Tiny homes are normally associated with minimalist living and those who want to downgrade their living quarters to something small, affordable, and in line with their interests. In the last decade, they’ve also been used by conservationists, workers in remote regions, and everyday Canadians who want to live away from everything. For them, it’s their home. If you’re interested in using tiny homes for camping or hunting, it’s a very affordable setup.

It’s amazing what you can fill into a tiny home and how it can be customized to suit your every need. See a kitchen, sleeping quarters, a fully-equipped shower and bathroom, a fridge, windows, and all sorts of options. There are already conservation parks in Canada and the United States installing tiny homes to provide more unique housing options for camping enthusiasts.

Tine homes have also been purchased and used off-grid as a sort of camping hideout, similar to a cabin or trailer. Unlike a trailer or cabin however, a tiny home is far more inexpensive and customizable, incorporating the details you want rather than providing you with a pre-made design.

Some of the more basic tiny homes can be incredibly affordable to build while others can easily add up to $100,000 or more. Ultimately, the cost does rely on what you want and need in your tiny home. For campers and/or hunters, usually, it’s quite bare so that certainly helps to bring down costs. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a very comfortable place to live though.

Some are sold on wheels while others are on skids. There are also standard models of various sizes which can be selected, if you want to minimize the customizations required or should you be ordering more than one.

If you have a large multi-acre property, maybe you want to install a tiny home a few acres into the forest. Some have done exactly this to attract paid visitors or family and friends, slowly building out small camping sites which one can rent out in the warmer months.

Also, if glamping is your thing, know a tiny home provides all the comforts of home. Throw in a little style and some luxurious accessories, it can be a great way to live in ease while exploring the outdoors for those who may not be interested in going full-on off-the-grid camping with it.