Tiny home living is being chosen by more Canadians, including those seeking to outsmart the recent rise in interest rates, those avoiding the record-setting expensive rents, and anyone wanting to do without the difficulty of having to pass the new mortgage stress test. The affordable, trendy tiny home movement might be your solution to home ownership woes. As a growing phenomenon in Canadian real estate, tiny home living is a simpler way to do things and arguably, can provide a more fulfilling life in the long run. We all need a place to call home. These are 4 of the major reasons why Canadians are choosing to set themselves up with a tiny home.

No mortgage

Tiny homes are significantly more affordable than a regular home or condo. The down payment for a single family detached home in the city is oftentimes more than the entire value of a tiny home. If you don’t want your name attached to a mortgage for decades, a tiny home is a simpler way to live without having to spend all that time paying down debt and interest. The logical and financial choice, a tiny home is a great way to avoid what was previously thought to be a necessary component of life. Enjoy a sense of freedom you wouldn’t have otherwise!

Lower living expenses

Another reason why more Canadians are jumping on board with tiny home living is because of the ways in which it lowers their monthly expenses, ensuring they can save more for the future. Regarding expenses, tiny homes require less energy to heat, are easier to clean, and require less investment to oversee in upkeep and maintenance. The financial savings you retain living in a tiny home in Canada means you can put that towards retirement, paying down credit card debt, your own hobbies or artistic pursuits, or investing in professional development or education.

More freedom

A tiny home provides you with more mobility. Any time, you can get up and go if you have a way to transport. If you’re an environmentally conscious Canadian seeking to lower their carbon footprint or potentially go live off the grid, a large variety of tiny home models are capable of relocation. You can move between properties rather easily. The mobility and freedom this provides ensures you don’t need to concern yourself with being tied down to a specific city, province, state, or even country. Needless to say, a tiny home is very mobile.

A more straightforward, simple way of living

A tiny home is oftentimes a space under 400 square feet in total. To some, that’s very limiting however to others, it’s just right in providing liberation, enrichment, and a simpler way to live. Reject the materialism of the age and save your money. Instead of focusing on keeping up with your neighbours or participating in the rat race that occupies so much of our lives, a tiny home shows you what matters in life – family, friends, a good time, and connecting with the elements around you. A tiny home might be your answer to healthier living, ridding yourself of large wardrobes, unnecessary appliances, and space-consuming electronics.