As a tiny home builder, we sometimes see customers struggling to decide what elements they want where and what to incorporate into their personalized small, minimalist space.

Though the advantages of living in a tiny home are well understood, after you decide you want a tiny home, a homeowner needs to decide what residential home elements they want included. If you’re at a loss for what you want to ask for, here are the top 5 trends in tiny home building. Each of these make clever use of available space and are customized to preference.

High-tech elevator bed

A loft bedroom is a huge component to almost every tiny home. In the last couple years, the ‘elevator bed’ has grown in popularity. Imagine a lift system to bring your bed down to the ground for sleep and then, to elevate it to the ceiling when you’re done. At the push of a button, this might be a great space-saving solution removing the need for ladders or stairs.

Rooftop deck

A great way to make your tiny home standout is to add a rooftop deck. These spaces can be used for entertaining friends and family, to give yourself space to have a small garden, or for stargazing. In terms of resale value, this can also add more value compared to the average tiny home – something worth considering if you’re planning to upgrade down the road.

Sliding barn door

A sliding barn door is handy, takes up little space, and adds privacy to a space that is not always so. If you’re living with another person, a sliding barn door is a key design element that can be used to create some separation. If the rustic, vintage look of a barn door doesn’t grab you, there are other minimalist door materials to consider in this role.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows we associate a lot with offices and condo developments – not tiny homes. That said, floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a great deal of sunlight and helps to really open up a space. For homeowners that want to have a dedicated area of their tiny home to read, work, or relax during daytime hours, an abundance of natural light is never a bad thing.

Secret storage options

Secret storage is some of the most creative components of tiny home spaces and it’s all to maximize the available space. Hidden storage spots can exist almost anywhere – staircases, underneath seats, in the walls, or underneath the floor. Creating a tiny home design, it’s important to evaluate the nooks and crannies of a to-be tiny home, identifying where secret storage can exist.

Live simply and inexpensive with a tiny home. You may choose to incorporate some of these trends into your tiny home design or may go without any and walk your own path. The great thing about tiny homes is that no two are completely the same. Each one comes with its own mix of clever functionality, thoughtful features, and customized aesthetics. Choose your must-have features today and use Freestyle Spaces to build your tiny home to the highest quality in craftsmanship.